Punjabi Era, How and Why It Happened…

I was 13 and I already knew how to speak Punjabi but I imagined how happy my grandparents would be to receive a letter handwritten by me in Gurmukhi. So I grabbed a book from a family friend, taught myself and managed to write something a few weeks later… 

Years ago in New York, there were libraries around me with many Punjabi books, movies and music CDs. Fast forward decades later, fewer libraries are open and there are countless phone apps to be downloaded… Being the mom of a three year old myself, I noticed how fast my young daughter had learnt the English alphabet even before she turned two. All thanks to the songs on TV, the books, the toys and most importantly; the foam magnets on the fridge door and those that were left laying around the house. I was not sure how to interest her to learn Gurmukhi. A strong need to connect her with Punjabi language and culture took over me when I saw how fast she learned her ABCs and thought how nice it would be if we learned Gurmukhi the same way. It was just a simple wish. A wish to teach my child Gurmukhi while living in America… Speaking Punjabi at home wasn’t enough… I wanted to teach her how to read and write Punjabi in Gurmukhi too…

People outside of India find it particularly hard to learn how to speak in Punjabi or for that matter read or write in Gurmukhi. Punjabi Era’s goal is to help you be able to learn the language and be exposed to the beautiful culture.

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 A Brainwave

A simple wooden case, enclosing a treasure chest of culture and heritage inside. Designed to replicate the wooden ‘paTTees’ which our parents and grandparents learnt Punjabi on but with the added twist of flash cards, foam letters and magnets to make the learning experience for young children one which they’ll truly enjoy. It’s not just a learning tool but a reminder that Punjabi language is close to our hearts and we will do whatever it takes to pass it along!

The Gurmukhi Box is a simple but effective method. Nothing beats learning through play and this is just the beginning! The ultimate goal is to produce more products that connect people to Punjab and explore what Punjabiat is really about. 

Punjabi Era’s vision is to be able to educate the youth around the world while showing how staying Punjabi not only brings more value internally but also adds value to the community. It all starts at home and it all starts small. Eventually we can all work together as a community and make our dreams a reality!

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.- Nelson Mandela

Punjabi Era FlashcardsThe Possibilities

The Gurmukhi Box comes with flashcards that are easy for anyone to read no matter how much Punjabi you know. Expose yourself to as many languages as much as possible and expand your horizon. So join me on this journey of bringing the rich heritage of our mother tongue to a new generation of kids. Giving our little one’s the chance to connect with the traditions which their grandparents still hold so dear to their hearts.

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